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We finding the best quality

Providing and exporting the best possible quality foods from Thailand.

We finding the best quality

‘Providing and exporting the best possible quality foods from Thailand. This is the essential component of our impulsion, which lays the foundation of criteria to our product selection. We highly value international production standards and aim to cater to the global market.’

  • graph-icon With a rapidly growing demand of organic raw coconut juice, we have found a great market opportunity to join and fulfil the overwhelming desire in the health market.
  • haccp-gmp We meet industry standard criteria such as HACCP and GMP. We conserve our products frozen to ensure its elegant scent, which simultaneously allows for a fresh product during consumption.
  • ice-flake We are committed to provide you an authentic taste and therefore we avoid any heat pasteurizing. The result of this is that our product tastes the same as if you were drinking straight from a fresh green coconut.
  • no-surar For 100% natural refreshing and sweet taste, we choose only young fresh coconut. Thus, there is absolutely no need to flavor or sweeten it.

Coconut Product

Our 100% aromatic raw coconut water, ‘Maprao Namhorm’, comes from the Thai Ratchaburi province, known uniquely for its great taste and nutrition, where renowned for producing the world’s best quality coconut juice.

In order to avoid any heat pasteurization, our product is kept in conditions that are -18 degree Celsius. The careful preservation ensures that the raw coconut water maintains its authentic taste.

Frozen coconut pulp can be preserved with a standard lifetime of 18 months. We undertake careful steps in selecting coconut meat and preserve the meat in a sealed pouch under -18 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the packaging design allows it to be shipped easily in a limited space of container.

As an OEM service, we also support customers to assist with manufacturing processes. The product will contain 100% raw coconut water in a ‘ready to drink bottle’. The customer can have their own unique design. The packaging can also be kept under -18 degree Celsius.

Tamarind Product

Our Tamarind product can be utilized in food recipes and spa products alike. We carefully select the Golden sweet Tamarinds (Ma-Kham Wan Si Thong) from the Petchaboon province, known for its abundance in nutrition and sweet taste.

Blocked Wet Tamarind

With natural sour taste, we also supply blocked wet raw tamarind without seed. This shall be convenient for cooking or even being one ingredient of spa products.

Our Partner

Located in Nonthaburi, Thailand,our manufacturer, Fruitory is the production facility where emphasize production with safely and hygenically criteria by fine machines and processing control under Certified by GMP , HACCP ,USDA , EU Organic Farming , Halal , and Kosher.

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